Sunday, June 03, 2007

Wrinkled Shirt

Seth Godin posted about a blind squirrel eventually finding the nut. The gist of the post was about people being unprepared or even thinking ahead whether they are looking for a job or marketing their business.

The story of the person looking, but not really looking for a job made me laugh. A couple years ago I was at a networking event when a young man introduced himself. He worked for a mortgage company and I'm sure his boss had told him to get out of bed and attend the morning event. He obviously had not thought about this the night before, because his blue oxford cloth shirt had been fished from the bottom of the clothes basket that morning and was being worn wrinkles and all.

Talk about marketing. There was no way I would ever consider that young man for my mortgage. But even more so, there is no way I would ever consider that company. The boss just doesn't understand that marketing entails more than the ad in this week's newspaper.

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Louise Kahle said...

Taking the time to make sure your physical appearance says "I respect my job and I respect YOU" is an important point that all too many people miss.
In this very competitive world we have to use every tool available to get ahead. If anyone thinks the way they look shouldn't matter, they may be right - maybe it shouldn't - but the reality is, it does matter.