Monday, August 27, 2012

A Few Rambling Thoughts

OK, so I had coffee with Becky Robinson, owner of weaving influence, this morning.  We had met at the HEELS Boot camp at the beginning of the month when I heard her speak.  I was so impressed with her topic and her presentation style, that I just had to schedule time to get to know her better.  Like her curly red hair, Becky spirals energy and also asks great questions.

Becky is an expert in the social media setting, so I knew that I was in trouble since I hadn't blogged since the end of July.  Ya' know, life gets in the way!  I'm letting a few weeds get ahead of me tonight so that I can put a some words down for the masses to read!

What am I excited about???

Two things!

Our tenth anniversary event is coming up quickly and our 10/10 breakfast event is about 2/3rds of the way to a sell out.  My good friend, Scott Ginsberg, is going to be our keynote speaker.  Interesting fact that I found out this morning.  Becky went to the same college as Scott.  People can register at here.

Second thing!  I am charged up because Nick Nigro, our amazing trainer at Davis College, just started another Connext Nation class last week.  Davis is still the only college in the USA that offers a word-of-mouth marketing class to their students.  It is my hope that we can convince other colleges to do the same in the future, but in the meantime, take your hat off to Davis!

What chargin' your batteries at the moment?