Thursday, August 14, 2014

Reading for the Month

I am so lucky that Don Kardux, Business Navigators,  is willing to review a favorite book of his each month.  Enjoy and hopefully get inspired to read, too!

Here's the August edition of what Don has read!

In July of 2013 I reviewed Ken and Sheldon’s book “Raving Fans” which focused on helping customers turn into full fledged fans of a company. This book does the same for employees and is well worth the read.

Both books read like short entertaining novels.
In “Raving Fans” the mentor to the “Area Manager” is Charley his ‘Fairy Godmother’ and in “Gung Ho! “ Peggy Sinclair, new General Manager of Walton Works #2, has as a mentor an American Indian department head, Andy, who learned the secret of “Gung Ho! from his grandfather.

You see, first Peggy learns about the ‘Spirit of the Squirrel’ the ‘Way of the Beaver’ and the ‘Gift of the Goose’  

Like “The Goal” this story is incremental. Peggy’s fear and confusion at times is ultimately replaced by positive anticipation and clarity of purpose.

The end of the book has some very useful summaries and insights.

On page 169 is the Gung Ho game plan diagram which after reading the story is an excellent visual reminder of what can happen.

Page 170 summarizes ‘The Spirit of the Squirrel’ WORTHWHILE WORK and includes:
A.                  Knowing we make the world a better place
B.                  Everyone works toward a shared goal
C.                  Value guides all plans, decisions and actions