Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Your Read for the Month

Don Kardux is at it again providing us with a great book report.  I love the cover of this month's choice.  Read below!

While I’ve worked with over 36 different industries, a majority of my clients have been HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) companies. So, in addition to a superb story, there were three indicators that drew my attention to review this book.

First, the author, Mark Matteson is a well known figure in HVAC circles. Mark is an international speaker, a mentor to many contractors and the author of several books. I’ve heard about Mark for some time but never took the time to really check him out.

Secondly, the main character in the book is Mike Johnson an HVAC contractor and I had never heard of an HVAC contractor being the focus of fiction. I mean written. I mean clearly identified as fiction in a book form.

Third, Roy Hauser (a client and dear friend) kept talking about Mark and recently, Roy handed me an audio version of “A Simple Choice” and asked me to return it in a month.

Usually, I say something like, “This book is a good read.” But, I can’t say that because I didn’t read it. I can say this. 

It was a great ‘listen’.

Having the author read the book to you as you ride from place to place adds a dimension to the experience. Mark knows how to interpret because of all people he knows exactly what each character sounds like.

This is the story of Mike Johnson, who lost his wife and son to the actions of a drunk driver and in his anguish and pain allowed drinking to almost destroy his remaining relationships and his HVAC business.
This is the story of Franklin Robinson an eighty plus year old parts runner and his dog Socrates. Franklin reminds me of the angel trying to earn his wings in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” 

You see, Franklin just shows up in Mike’s life at exactly the right moment. He shows up when Mike is reaching for the gun or when he can’t see the approach he might take to reestablish relationships or his business.

Those of us who support the ‘Servant Leader’ philosophy of business will find this book as one of the best practical explanations of how this philosophy is implemented in a real way.

Alcoholism, redemption, best business practices and a way to live as a complete human being are all integrated in this book.  

What is the ‘Simple Choice’?.
I won’t tell you here except this ‘Simple to say… Hard to do”.
It is well worth the read.
No, I can’t say that.
It’s well worth the listen and I’ll bet, worth the read too.