Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cutting Membership

Someone mentioned to me today that they had cut back on some of the groups they belong to because of cost savings and in fact, the groups they left weren't fruitful for them. They asked me what I thought.

I didn't have a good answer right there. Of course not. I never do!

But later I realized why they need to continue those memberships.

Here's the deal.

Yes, you can participant with some groups as a guest paying an extra fee. However, I think having a membership pushes more involvement. the conversation in your head might sound like this, "You know, I better go to this event so I can get my money's worth from it."

But here's more of the deal. And I've written about this before. If you're not out there playing and meeting people, you won't be able to help your networking contacts. And if you stop helping them, probably they are going to limit their help to you.

So my new answer is, "Hell, yes, you need to be a member. It will get you out there instead of you allowing yourself to sit in your office cave."

So there!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lost Name Tags

Yesterday I was at a networking event when one of the other participants made the comment that everyone always knows my name because I wear a name tag all the time. This person didn't happen to have a name tag on. Nor did most of the people around the table.

I asked why they didn't wear name tags.

One person explained that she is always loses her name tag.

Curiously, I asked how that happens. She said that she takes her name tag off before she goes into grocery stores or places like the post office and then it drops out of her car or her pocket.

Even more curious, I asked, "Why in the world do you take your name tag off when you go into a store?"

Can you give me an answer of why someone (in sales) would do this?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fear: Protective and Restrictive

This past weekend my granddaughter, Kaylie came to visit. We had her little wading pool up on the deck, so she could splash and have fun.

Steve really wanted her to experience the pond, so while her dad, Greg, was taking a shower and we were trusted with her care, we encouraged a foray into the pond.

Now, Kaylie is 18 months old.


She would have walked right out into the pond until the water was over her head. We had to watch her like a hawk, because she just didn't understand that the pond gets deep. She was just having fun. I guess grandma's swimming lessons are going to have to start soon.

It occurred to me that at some point, fear does set into our lives. It's a good thing and also a negative. Just think about how easy it would be if we could just wade into life. Whether it be visiting that new networking group, calling on a new prospect or asking for help.

Think how much easier it would be if we didn't have the cautionary voices inside our head.

Just a thought!

PS Don't tell Greg and Lisa that we had Kaylie in the pond. It will just be our secret.

Hard Kernel Cafe

I met the neatest lady at the WEN West meeting on Monday. Debbie Boris is an inventor. The product she has produced is a popcorn kernel remover. I don't know if that is what she actually calls it, but it is an ingenious little gadget that sits in the bottom of your bowl and sifts the unpopped kernels to the bottom, out of the way. You can read about it here.

What is really wonderful about WEN and the people involved is that we all have resources. I was able to tell Debbie about the Center for Innovative Food Technology and to invite her to several other events.

Women really like to help each other. What ways have you seen this?