Friday, July 17, 2009

Lost Name Tags

Yesterday I was at a networking event when one of the other participants made the comment that everyone always knows my name because I wear a name tag all the time. This person didn't happen to have a name tag on. Nor did most of the people around the table.

I asked why they didn't wear name tags.

One person explained that she is always loses her name tag.

Curiously, I asked how that happens. She said that she takes her name tag off before she goes into grocery stores or places like the post office and then it drops out of her car or her pocket.

Even more curious, I asked, "Why in the world do you take your name tag off when you go into a store?"

Can you give me an answer of why someone (in sales) would do this?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't know why someone would take off their name tag. I love it when I go into a restaurant or a store and people ask me about one of our services or products. I especially like it when someone says....I bank at Directions Credit Union and I just love you guys! I've not had any bad comments, but if I ever do, you better believe that I am ready to resolve the issue so I can change the perception of that individual. So come on folks.....put on those name tags and leave 'em on! Pat DeCesare