Friday, December 31, 2010

Word-of-Mouth Easy Button

Recently I was read an article that posed the question, "I have a new website. How do I create "word-of-mouth" business?"

I had to smile because so many think that they can push the "easy" button to create this viral marketing method. Now, I am not taking anything away from the advertising and marketing pros who have all kinds of good methods to gain more visibility. Those techniques are important for all of us to know.

But word-of-mouth is what someone else does for you. For the most part you can't control it.

I do have some thoughts on how to get it started and keep it going.

1. First and foremost have something that is worth talking about. Whether it is your product/service or something you've done that garners attention. And be aware, negative news is much more enticing to pass on.

2. It's easier to ask others to pass on the word about you if you lead the way first. I have to laugh each time I get a request via Linkedin that asks me to provide a recommendation. It's one of those things that I'll get to later. BUT, if someone has voluntarily recommended me in the past, you can bet, that I'll hop to writing a testimonial to repay the favor. That old guilt thing is remarkable!

3. Become the center of the universe. Be the person who posts events, comments or other "stuff" about your friends and business acquaintances. My friend, David Trisel does this really, really well. If your site is the go to site for finding out all the information about people in your network, then guess what? You have established your presence in the word-of-mouth marketing arena, too.

So to answer the question above, "it's not about you, but about how you act in the whole networking genre."

What's your take on this?