Sunday, November 10, 2013


I had to walk away.  Otherwise I knew that I was going to say something unfortunate.

This woman came up to me and greeted me at an event I attended this week.  During the ensuing conversation I mentioned that one of the grads of my course had tried to connect with her and that evidently it didn't happen.

The reply was, "Oh no, first of all I am too busy and second, for me to mention her to my clients would not be right."  I was dumbfounded.  This person represents a non-profit agency that provides services and resources to a specific community segment.  I wonder how she finds her resources?  What closed-minded thinking. 

So as I mentioned above, I had to walk away before the words, "Ya', dumb shit," came out of my mouth.

Am I guess I am one to hold a grudge, because if this person ever wants help from me in the future, I am going to be way too busy to even answer the request.

What are your thoughts on this?