Friday, June 08, 2007

Which Book Shall I Take?

This week I'm heading out for the annual national BNI conference. I'm flying east to Bethesda, so at least I don't have the time change to deal with!

The flight is only two hours, so I need to decide which book to take that will keep me busy for those two hours.

I am not a bad plane traveler, but I am antsy. If I can loose myself in a book, my seatmates will be happier.

Should I take Seth Godin's "The Dip" which I am about halfway through? But that book takes some thought. I probably won't get "lost reading it.

Should I take Scott Ginsberg's newest book, "Make a Name for Yourself?" Again I am halfway through and I have to stop and think as I read.

Should I take something else??????

I am in the middle of some dumb mind candy book -- fiction. Six women -- been together since college -- basically a soap opera. But would I be embarrassed to be seen reading this book????

Should I take "The Glass Castle." I got tired of being on the waiting list at the library and bought a copy at K-Mart yesterday. But that would mean that I am reading four books at one time.

What should I do?????

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Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

I say go for "The Dip." You're right that you really have to think while you're reading it, sometimes needing to read the same paragraph several times. But that will keep your mind busy.

Life's too short to read light fiction (not all fiction, just a light "soap opera" type) - sorry, a little bit of opinion snuck out).

Have BIG FUN in Bethesda!