Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Team Approach

I hate cleaning the refrigerator. But ever so often I just can't stand it another minute.

The need to clean is combined with the fact that our expensive Sub-Zero refrigerator, gets an ice dam in the bottom of it. Yes, it is 15 years old, but this has been an on-going problem right from the start. We never know that the ice-age is creeping in there unless melt water, that should be going down the frozen drain hole, suddenly is puddled in front of the refrig on the kitchen floor.

That's what happened this morning.

Doing both jobs is even more hateful. Using the hair dryer to melt the ice is a messy, time-consuming task.

So Steve and I teamed for this project. He took care of the glacier melt, and I cleared the science projects from the interior and then washed the shelves.

It didn't seem to take half the time it usually does. Working together made it bearable.

It's sort of an example of what two people can do when they work on prospecting together. Combining the effort makes more happen in a shorter time. Two people can thaw a chilly target more easily than each working separately.

Why don't we all do more of that????

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