Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Can I Talk Aussie?

Yes, our world has shrunk.

Who would think that today I can communicate with someone in Australia, asking for their help, and expect to receive a reply within a couple hours or at the most a day.

Here's why I sent that email out. One of my BNI friends and also Certified Networker student is an Arbonne International representative. She is heading to Australia at the end of this month to help launch Arbonne in that country.

She would like to connect with BNI members in Australia to develop relationships for two reasons.

Of course, the first reason is that she would love to receive referrals of people who might be interested in this new business opportunity.

But even more important, she wants to have connections with BNI members, so she can refer her new Australian business partners to BNI. She knows the value of structured, word-of-mouth marketing.

In the Certified Networker program, one small piece of information that we talk about is the referral food chain. Those people who get business when your business gets busier know that if they get out in front of you, "feeding" you new business, that in the end they will win more business too.

That's exactly what Kim is proposing to do. As she gets Arbonne representatives, BNI Australia will get more members. With BNI members helping Kim to meet people, that's what will happen.

What global networking have you been involved?

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