Thursday, June 14, 2007

women in kayaks

Yesterday afternoon, I gave my friend Cheryl a mini lesson in blogging.

Cheryl is a great friend, and she also takes care of my water garden, so that I can enjoy it when I sit out on the front porch.

Cheryl has also launched a new business, Adventures for Women at the Water's Edge. She will help women get out there kayaking, hiking, biking, swimming and just communing with nature.

One of Cheryl's favorite pursuits is kayaking. Her own first experience left something to be desired. Her teachers were men. They fitted her incorrectly for the kayak "skirt" which meant when she rolled over and was upside down in the water, she was not able to easily escape. She doesn't want that to happen for other women.

She has three trips planned for this year. If you are a women who wants to be guided by someone who cares about your outdoor experience contact Cheryl. She doesn't have a website just yet, so the best way is to email her at

kayaking....try it now!

What unfortunate experience have you had because "experts" gave you bad advice?

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