Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Quiet Visitors

This morning hubby, Steve, was leaving the house before me. Of course, the dogs went out the back door with him. Seconds later he was shouting, "Debby, quick, look out the window at the deer."

The dogs were at the invisible fence line, barking up a storm at the four deer that had been right at our property line. Now, I have to tell you that of the three dogs, two are really not very smart.

Our dogs are hunting dog breeds, Springer Spaniels and a Yellow Lab. They are not the best hunters, though, as they are frightened of guns. Makes me laugh.

This morning they probably just wanted to play with the BIG DOGS.

Of course by the time I looked, the deer were farther north, figuring the better part of valor was not to stick around for the dogs.

But it made me think about how sales people scare away prospects, going after the prospect in full force, instead of being quiet and letting the prospect lead the way. It is especially so at networking events, where sales people mistakenly think that it is the time to sell.

Where and when have you seen prospects scared away by networking dogs?

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