Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Time for a Break

Well, I am taking a breather from writing each day as tomorrow before dawn, my hubby and I leave for our most favorite place in the whole wide work, Aguila de Osa at the Drake Bay in Costa Rica. It is truly paradise for us, a time to relax and recharge.

It's a rugged trip to get there, two legs from Toledo to Atlanta to San Jose, CR. Then the next day we start with the smaller plane, then a taxi, and finally a small skiff that will take us down the Sieppe River, out into the Pacific Ocean along the coast to our final destination. Those other guests who make their way are usually wonderfully adventuresome people. Dinner conversations are wide ranging and fun. I get to practice my networking skills, seeing how much I can find out about those who are only staying for a day or two.

I have my two subs lined up for each week I will be absent from BNI and have sent my commercials to them. I have books packed that will make my luggage overweight, but since there are no stores where we are going, it is with pleasure that I pay that extra. The house sitter is ready to take over the house and the dogs and the Tuesday night Certified Networker class will be taught by senior trainer Merri Bame. I'm ready and I'll be writing again after we get home in about two weeks.

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