Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Snake in the Walls

Last night I attended the annual meeting of the Way Library Foundation. At dinner I sat with the new president of the board, Jody Foster and her husband. I had known Jody in passing, as our board only meets quarterly. I found out what a funny and neat lady she is.

Her husband, who is quite the lover of nature, told us that for a period of time they had a Boa constrictor lose in their house. The Fosters happen to live in one of the historic homes in town, so that snake had plenty of mice to eat. Jody said that the whole time it was on the lam, that several of her friends would not come to her house. When they finally caught the snake again, it was quite a bit larger around than when it got out of its cage.

The whole time this story was being told, Jody just sat there with a bemused look on her face. I understood a whole new sense about Jody. She's going to make the best of any situation and she's not squeamish at all.

What's the most interesting animal you've had in your house (excepting spouses!)?


Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

When our son Dave was in elementary school, he had a pet tarantula which he kept in a glass aquarium in his room. It got loose one day. I would not go home until it was found. I'm not as brave as Jody - no, indeed I'm not.

Michelle said...

My father loves the outdoors ... must be where I get it from. He had taken an abandoned paper wasp nest into the house to hang as decoration (I have one too!). You know, the big nests that hang in the trees filled with wasps! Well, once the nest came indoors and warmed up a bit, a BAT flew out of it and swooped around the house in a bewildered state! It didn't take long to catch it and put it back outdoors. But, the nest stayed indoors!!