Tuesday, February 13, 2007

5 Networking Mistakes

A couple days ago I received a FORM email.

It was from a person who visited my BNI chapter several weeks ago.

He must have "mined" the business card box.

The email was so obviously a template because it spent a lot of time saying blah-blah-blah about this person's company. It was not so interesting at all. It was all about this company with no thought about me.

Let me tell you the five networking mistakes that were made.

1) The email was an impersonal template, with the salutation in a different font.

2) The salutation misspelled my name.

3) The template said that perhaps a breakfast or lunch would be in order for me to hear even more about this person's company. Yeah, right.

4) The final sentence said that if I was interested in this meal, that I should call for an appointment. Yeah, right.

5) This person did not have my permission to send me information, and if fact did not even speak to me at the meeting he attended.

What are some blatant email marketing mistakes you have seen?

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