Friday, February 16, 2007

The Red Ribbon

Today I earned a red ribbon. I was the winner of our Toastmaster club's annual Evaluation Contest.

The TM method of giving feedback is wonderful. It goes like this: "Praise, what could be better, and then more praise."

After the meeting I got to thinking about how important that skill is in the business world, and especially the world or referrals. Giving feedback is all part of the communication cycle. It is especially helpful for when a "bad" referral is received. If no feedback is given, you can plan on getting more of the same.

Giving feedback allows your referral source to save face and yet learn how to do better the next time. Your side of the conversation might sound like this, "Gosh, Jimmy, thanks so much for thinking of me. Let me tell suggest how you might make it even better. If you could personally introduce me to _________that would really be great. It really makes me pleased to to know that you were working on my behalf."

In the Certified Networker class series, we spend a considerable amount of class time talking about how to train a referral source. It is all about communication!

What do you do when you get a 'bad" referral?

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Michelle said...

Congrats on the red ribbon!

If I get a referral that's just not quite right, I spend time with that person to help them learn one of two things: 1. How to make it a better referral of 2. Why this referral is not appropriate for me. It's very important to be an exceptional educator if you expect high quality referrals.