Sunday, March 25, 2007

Parking Lot Jumping Jacks

Okay, I promise. This will be the last post with Costa Rica as the central theme for awhile. I just have to slowly get it out of my system.

As I have mentioned before, it takes a couple days for us to get to our destination in CR. We spend a night in San Jose, the capital, before heading south to the Osa Penisula. San Jose could nicely be called a third world city. Diesel fumes and razor wire fencing abound. Traffic can be horrendous. There are parts that are lovely, but like any city, the way to the airport is not especially wonderful.

The first time we flew in nine years ago, I remember being alert to each and every sight and smell. I wondered if at any minute my life might end. I must admit that our taxi ride that first time, was probably the most dangerous taxi ride we've every had. So every cell was on alert!

I compared that to this year's taxi ride back the to airport the second morning. Traffic was again a mess because of a fatal accident on the main thoroughfare. Instead our driver took us on the back roads. Even still, I had grown numb to the sites of the inner city. I was probably still a little tired too. But with a jolt, I realized that once what had gotten my heart really racing was just another day. Whew! I don't want to be like that.

As I was mulling that concept over in my head, I thought about how so many times I attend the same networking events again and again. I become dulled to the excitement I might have felt the first time I attended. I probably become so zoned, that even the new people seem old. Gosh, how awful.

Maybe a few jumping jacks in the parking lot will add a lift to the energy I bring to an event. I'll let ya' know!

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