Monday, March 26, 2007

Breaking Rules

I'm going to several events in the coming weeks - networking events - and I'm not going alone.

Yep, I'm breaking a rule of thumb with networking. That is to go alone, because if we do go with someone, we tend to spend time with that person instead of meeting others.

And you know what? With one event, that's exactly what I'm going to do. I've asked Joy MacLeod, of Artistic Memorials, to go with me. I want to take the opportunity to get to know her better. We have busy lives, both personal and business. This just might be the oasis of quiet that can help us to build our relationship to a stronger level.

With the other event, an open house, -- I am taking my guest, Martha Blair, a business banker with Toledo Area Community Credit Union, because I think there will be people at the event that will be helpful to her. She and I are in a BNI chapter together, and I don't feel I've done a very good job of figuring out how to help her. Maybe this will be the start of me doing a better job.

What networking rules do you think you should break?


David Bodner said...

So many people go to networking events with no objectives in mind. Even though it is not a stated rule, the fact remains that many people do not give these events much thought. The leave disappointed and unfulfilled.
So I think people should at least start with a premise of having some rules. (Then they can worry about breaking them later) Here are three suggestions.

1. Find out in advance who is going to the event. Then ask them who they would like to meet or what they would like to accomplish. Help them achieve their objectives. Then they can help you achieve your objectives

2. Act as a connector and make introductions . Tell both parties why you are introducing them to one another

3.Take your calander with you so you can schedule one on one's with people you meet.

Anonymous said...

I am going to a networking event and also invited someone to come with me. This is an old friend of mine, Joann Lantz, starting her own decorative wall painting business - like faux finishes. We get together once or twice a year - not often enough. I admit to multi-tasking in this case. I want to go this event, I want to spend time with my friend, I want to introduce her to this particular networking event and I think it would be good for her business because I can introduce her to people I know.

So just as Dave Bodnar comments - its not so much that you go alone or with someone - just make sure you have goals and objective in mind.