Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'm Back

Okay, it's been too long since I last posted. All I can say, is that the days were long and packed and the brain frazzled by the time I arrived back at my office. Most evenings (at 8:30 PM or so) I didn't even listen to messages. In fact most evenings I didn't even open the door to my office.

So here's the funny part. This lack of posting was out of character.

My son, Greg, who keeps me blogging even when I get into trouble, and my wonderful daughter-in-law, Lisa, were worried about me. They even tried to call me Thursday evening, when I was out at a Certified Networker graduation. What I didn't know and they didn't either, was that my land line phone was out of order, or actually, the whole Embarq phone system was out of order in this area so my phone wouldn't take a message. They tried to call my cell, but of course I wasn't answering as I was at the graduation. I didn't get the voice mail till Friday morning (Grrr to Verizon voice mail) as I was driving to Findlay to start a new Certified Networker class. I had to leave a message for them, but they soon called back and shared their worries. It does feel good to have someone worry about me and I must say that I felt a little guilty not having connected with them during the week.

This really has nothing to do with networking. It does have to do with people caring about each other. And that has everything to do with networking done right.

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