Thursday, March 29, 2007

Listening, Truly Listening

Listening is all it takes.

If the rest of the world is just like me (and why wouldn't they be???) we'd all be able to help each other if we'd just slow down and listen to what people are saying. Referrals and networking opportunities would abound.

Today I had lunch with Lisa Litalien with Central Travel. She was getting me together with one of the other managers at Central Travel, Polly Caumartin. During lunch Lisa mentioned again, that she would like to have an introduction to Talent Track, a company located in Toledo. This is the second time I have heard her say this, but the first time I didn't write it down. (Bad girl!) This time I did. When I got home I emailed another one of our Certified Networker grads that happens to have a connection with that company. Since Lisa is also a CN grad, I felt very comfortable asking him to help her.

But the most important part of this story is that I had to listen, really hear what Lisa was wanting and then do something with that information.

Have you ever heard someone ask, but not really listened? Or are you a conscious listener all the time?

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