Monday, January 22, 2007

Takers vs Givers

There are people out there who really annoy me. They are the ones who milk the system for all its worth. They are the TAKERS.

A TAKER may be a member of a group, but rarely attends meetings or only attends when they have something to gain.

A TAKER takes advantage of all the benefits of an organization without giving anything in return.

A TAKER'S conversation is centered on them -- me, me, me.

A TAKER bends the rules and then justifies why s/he had to do it that way.

A TAKER could care less about anyone else.

GIVERS do the opposite.


What's your take on TAKERS?


Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

I (way too often) see "TAKERS" at one-to-one meetings. I almost always start the conversations by asking about the other person. "TAKERS" do just that - they "take" advantage of the opportunity and then "take" up all the time talking about themselves.

Way too seldom am I asked more than just a question or two. For example, if my husband comes up in conversation, I may get asked what he does for a living.

I'm not comfortable saying "Ok, now it's my turn."

I wonder how often the other person thinks on his or her way home, "Hmmm... Sandy sure didn't talk much about herself. I wonder why."

Michelle said...

Takers ... they're everywhere!

Takers are so engrossed in their own world that they rarely recognize the impact they have on other people!

I avoid takers because they can TAKE the smile right off my face. I don't like that, so I avoid them at all costs. I would estimate they have an approachability quotient of ZERO!

Deanna Tucci Schmitt said...

I avoid takers. Question - Do you think TAKERS can change or learn the error of their ways?