Monday, January 08, 2007

A Lesson From the Flu

Yuk! Over the weekend I had the old-fashioned flu. Lying in bed all day sure does throw a wrench in the works. But even so, I did have time to think. Late Saturday PM when I still didn't want to take any pain reliever for fear that it would not stay on my stomach, Steve finally convinced me to try it. I could feel my body tensing, just worrying about whether I was going to throw-up. (I would never make a good bulimic!) Finally it occurred to me that if there was some real quiet, soft, elevator music in the background, that I might be able to relax and feel better. Guess what? It worked! (Now, I know that for some, that type of music would be hateful, so choose your tune.)

What's that got to do with networking?

At first glance, nothing. But think about the situations where you feel uncomfortable. The physical sensation that goes along with it is being tense -- your muscles are tight. Wouldn't it be great if we could all identify a mantra of sorts, that will help to modify our feelings. It might be taking five or six long breaths in and out before entering the event, or it might be acting as the host, so you think about others, rather than your own discomfort. Gosh, it might even be listening to elevator music on the car radio on the way to the event.

What would relax you and make you feel comfortable at networking events?

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