Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Paper Cutter of Networking

Tonight, just a few minutes ago, I printed some marketing postcards that I will use tomorrow as the visual for my referral request at BNI. What is really neat is that I immediately cut them to the right size. Until recently, I always had to go someplace to cut my stuff. Davis College, where we teach the Certified Networker, has a great paper cutter, but it was not always convenient being 30 minutes away from my office. I don't know what took me so long, but I finally bought one. It is absolutely wonderful and makes my life so much easier.

Tonight I asked for help from a friend, Phil Rudolph, Jr who is in charge a business development for Rudolph Libbe, a very large construction company in this area. Phil is a master of connecting. I needed some help for a sponsorship committee I am heading that is not doing as well as it should. With a ten minute phone call, Phil gave me the names and phones numbers of people to call, the words to use with them and to tell them that he said to donate. He also said that he would follow up. Additionally, he said that the person at his company in charge of giving sponsorships is expecting my call tomorrow. Just like the paper cutter.


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