Sunday, January 21, 2007

Pittsburgh Comes to Toledo

Thursday night my friend, Michelle Donovan, drove over from Pittsburgh to give a training session the next day for the Certified Networker trainer team in the morning and then an open session in the afternoon. Riding along with Michelle were Emil Heintzinger and Ed Lackman, new members of her training team. Both training sessions were great. I think I finally am beginning to understand the difference between the Adult Learning Model and the Experiential Learning Cycle. I'm one of those people who get caught in the reflect and observe part of the ALM. I'm the one who misses the next few minutes of what a presenter is saying because I'm sitting back there reflecting on what I just heard.

The training was great, and even better was the opportunity to get to know Emil and Ed. I had met Emil before at a BNI conference. With all three staying at my house for the three days, we had a chance to get to know each other better. The bonds forged will help all of us in the future. We'll all share ideas that work and ones that aren't so successful. The big challenge for all of us is getting people to register into the CN training. I know that with this link with Pittsburgh we'll all be able to help each other do better at that part of our job.

What 'across the border' connections have helped you in your career?

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