Saturday, January 13, 2007

One to One, Part II

What should happen in a one to one meeting?

That's a very good question. In my recently post about my meeting with my friend, Dave Achen, I shared that our conversation was casual and diverse. It was luxury.

That's not the type of one to one meeting I'm talking about here.

BNI has recently revised the Membership Success Program training they provide to all new members for free (and seasoned members can go back through it as many times as they want.) The new training helps to answer what should be talked about in the meetings members have with each other. There are four forms that each member can fill out and then trade with the member they are meeting.

1. Member BIO - a mini compilation of personal, business and miscellaneous information. (I also use this format for my written introductions for my speaking engagements. This is where my friend, Dave, found out that I was a grandmother.)

2. GAINS Profile - an acronym to use when meeting with people. It can also be called the blueprint of the meeting. (It provides structure for the conversation.)

3. Contact Sphere - the categories of professions that can refer business to you. (To do this worksheet it helps you to determine specifically who your target prospect is.)

4. Last ten clients worksheet - Listing clients help people to understand the types of clients you work with currently and probably will help them to send similar clients to you in the future.

What would happen if we all put at least a little effort into organizing our one to one meetings? How much more productive would the effort be?

Do you use a system with each appointment, so you can continue to systematically gather information about each person?

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