Friday, January 05, 2007

New Phrase Learned

I just never know what I'm going to learn.

Today I met with Patti Radakovitch of SHARK Consulting Group. She is a business consultant that uses an engineering type analysis to help her clients to be more successful in their business. She is about to begin her PhD studies at Wayne State University in Detroit. I asked her if she already knew what her thesis project would be about. Of course she does! And this is where I learned the new phrase, intrinsic motivation. From the way Patti described it, it is basically the inner drive that some people have to do what is needed. Some people don't have that drive. They don't do their jobs very well. Business managers will sometime try to bandaid the problem with additional training and then wonder why the training doesn't work. Patti's future research should prove interesting.

Speaking of motivation---

Students in the Certified Networker class are asked to think about sales in an entirely different way than probably they have ever thought before. Changing old belief systems is not a comfortable thing to do, but the students really embrace the concepts.

What do you think is your inner drive? What vision do you have that pushes you forward? What makes you do the hard stuff when others just take the easy way out?

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