Thursday, March 06, 2014

What's in a Name?

OK, I get it.  The name of my company, Connext Nation, may not be the easiest to pronounce at a first glance.  But really if you take the time to look at it, it is very easy.

Think Connect and then put a "next" in as the last syllable.

Con-Next Nation.  Easy peasy, right?

Well I guess not!

Two times in the past couple weeks, the name has been murdered.  Not just mispronounced, but stabbed again and again.

Each time I wanted to correct the person, but  I also wanted that person to save face.

One time I was being introduced as the speaker.  Please, Please, PLEASE,
those who are introducing people, make sure you know how to pronounce both company name and their personal name.  Especially if that person is speaking gratis, they need your help with marketing.  If you give the mispronunciation then the marketing falls flat.

I have learned my lesson and now I am going to have a pronunciation guide immediately after Connext Nation in my written introduction.

Have you ever had your name or company name twisted and what did you do about it?

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