Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Marketing to your Audience

A couple months ago I attended a presentation given by a local business person in our community.  I wanted to learn about her topic and also to support her efforts.

When I arrived, she was at the front of the room and she did acknowledge my entrance with a "hello" but she went back to being seated at a table working on her computer, with her back to the audience.  And that is the way she stayed until the beginning of her formal presentation.  Since this was a free presentation, it was a marketing effort on her behalf.

Here's my take on the marketing that happened.

The presentation was very good, this woman knows her stuff.  But, I'm not sure she realized her networking goals.  You see, connection to the audience members is so important for the marketing to succeed.

For those giving these types of talks where you are trying to gain prospects, know that your presentation begins the moment the first member of your audience walks into the room.  Be ready to greet them and then to also to carry on a conversation.  It can be small talk, "How were your roads this morning?"  Or you could ask each person if there is one thing they want to get out of the presentation.  Research has also shown that if you touch people they are more likely to connect with you.  The touch can be very fleeting, just a brush as you hand then a sheet of paper (handouts) or pen.  Or course, you can shake hands.  They won't even know it happened.

Doing the above will probably push many people out of their comfort zone, but you'll find that as you do more of it that your zone borders will enlarge!

So, what have you seen speakers do that really helped them to connect with their audience?

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