Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Expanding the Vision

Moving into a new market can be exciting and humbling all in the same minute!

Some of you know that I am expanding Connext Nation to the NE corner of Ohio.  I have been moving in that direction for about 7 months now.  And basically when I started I didn't know anyone in that area.

That first day, when I stood in front of the mirror and knew that I had dedicated the day to Cleveland was a little challenging to say the least.  But let me tell  you some networking lessons I've either learned or remembered.

1.  I started with the people I knew in Cleveland even though it was less than five!  What this did was to ground me and also forced me to learn my way around -- or figure out how to get UNLOST!

2.  I asked those people for recommendations of other people to meet and also one networking group to join.  This has proved so helpful, because otherwise I would be cold calling people.  I also found my way to the Rocky River Chamber which is the best chamber in the whole world, as far as I'm concerned.

3.  I meet with people to find out about them and what they do in Cleveland.  Up till now, I have answered their questions briefly about what I do and then throw the conversation back their way.  Because I have a free preview at the end of this month, I now asked if they would like to come to that.

4.  Some people I have met with have not been helpful or will not be helpful even though they were delightful.  It's sort of like dating, finding the right people for longterm relationships. 

5. I have received some rebuffs from my requests to meet.  That is OK, because there are so many people.  I just move on because the next person I reach out to may be the gem I have been searching for.

6. I drove to Cleveland (1 1/2 hour drive) on one very snowy day.  The word got out that I could be counted on to be there when I said I would be there.  What I remembered is that making just a little extra effort makes me stand out from the crowd in a good way.

I'm sure I have lots more lessons to learn, but so far this is my education!

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