Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Tapestry

Today I attended a "coaching sample" presented by my friend, Tracee Swank, True Compass Coaching. I did so for a number of reasons, one being that I was bringing a guest to the session. Tracee targets people who have just started their business or are in the first two years of being in business. I took Marcia Fleitz with me, who has just started an organizing business called, You Times 2.

What is interesting about all this is the networking thread that runs through the whole scene. Tracee is a Certified Networker grad because another CN grad, Linda Kuns, State Farm Insurance, recommended that she take the course. Marcia Fleitz connected with me because 14 years ago I made a presentation to the company her husband works for. As a result, he kept my information all these years and connected Marcia with me when she started her business.

I invited Marcia to attend our most recent CN graduation which is a huge networking event. Sandy Blaser, a bookkeeper was there as a guest of Tracee. At the beginning our the "formal" part of our graduation we allow everyone in attendance to quickly introduce themselves.

Fast forward to this morning. Not only was Marcia at this sample session, but so was Sandy Blaser. And Marcia had remembered her as someone she wanted to meet. Both can help each other.

This was a great demonstration of "getting out of the cave." If you're not out there you can't meet people who can help you in the future. And you never know which way the networking thread is going to be woven.

What is your most convoluted networking contact?

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