Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Recommendation

Okay, this post is not truly about networking, but it is about word-of-mouth marketing. And it is my word!

Here's the confession. I have never been able to and truthfully never had an interest in understanding our investments. I just let Steve do it knowing that was probably not the best scenario. I don't mean that he's doing a bad job -- to the contrary, he does quite well. But I should really understand, too. Right?

Along comes Joy MacLeod, who recently invited me to join an investment group. I agreed figuring that the $50 a month dues will be the tuition for learning more. We're the Money Magnets!

I did some research online for investing and particularly women investing. As a result I happened on to a website called

All I can say is go there!

All I can say is sign up for the $29.95 online seminar.

All I can say is just do it.

The "chicks" as they call themselves make it so easy to unlock all the mystery surrounding the investment world.

Go visit the site and then tell me what you think.

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