Monday, August 20, 2007

Does Your Message Stick?

Within the last couple days I had to buy some bandaids. Since my kids are all grown I haven't had to restock in some time.


What I thought was going to be an easy purchase, turned mind-boggling.

Bandaids just aren't bandaids anymore.

I would hazard a guess that there are fourteen or fifteen different varieties of these little patches.

Do you want cloth, breathable, antibiotic infused, waterproof, shaped to surround, non-stickable, round, small, large, etc. And this doesn't take into consideration the "kids" bandaids with the most favored cartoon or movie character emblazoned on them.

I have to tell you that at first I tried to figure out which was the best version for me, but then my mind went on overload. I ended up buying the store generic brand (the cheapest) of a flexible variety.

As I walked out of the store after paying for my purchase, it occurred to me that none of the brands stood out. Each one was copying the other. And as a result my purchase became motivated by what was cheapest.

Do you stand out enough so that when a referral source talks about you and your uniqueness to a possible prospect, the immediate response is, "Yep, get'em in here. It sounds like she has just what we have been looking for."

If you were a bandaid, what would make you different from the rest?


Michelle R. Donovan said...

If I were a bandaid, what would make me different from the rest would be ... I would allow the skin to tan UNDER the bandaid while the bandaid was ON!

Anonymous said...

How about a special kind of Bandaid for sensitive skin so that the skin does not become irritated/red by the adhesive?

But, did you notice that we're using "Bandaid" as if it's the proper name for an adhesive bandage? Much like Kleenex (tissue) or Xerox (copy). In this case, Bandaid has made an impression in the mind of the consumer. But, what good is it if you still bought its cheapest, generic competitor?

Cheryl Engfer said...

If I were a bandaid, what would make me different from the rest is....I come to you!
Saving you all the time of standing in the aisle saying "which one do I choose???"

Louise Kahle said...

I would be the "must have" fashion accessory. No outfit would be complete without having me be part of it. I would be so cute and I would let you be creative, wearing me however and wherever you want.