Saturday, January 08, 2011

How to Be Boring in the New Year!

I met with someone recently who shall remain nameless, but we'll call her Alice just to make this post easier to understand.

One of Alice's resolutions for the new year is to visit a certain number of current clients per month. I asked her, "What will you do when you visit them?"

"Well," she said, "I'm going to tell them everything new about us and some of the old stuff too, because client's forget."

O-0-0- Baby!

I'm sure glad I'm not her client!

While it is important to keep clients up to date about your "stuff" it is even more important to find out about their "stuff."

So, for those of you who need to catch up with your clients, view them as resource for other clients in your network. Find out what each client has to offer so that when one of your clients need that product or service, you know where to send them.

I know, I know. When you do get to talk about you?

When they ask about you is the best time. They will really listen then. But if they don't, ask for their advice. Say, "We have a new offering and I'd like to hear your feedback on how you think I should market it in the best way."

In this way, they are engaged and thinking instead of wondering when and how they can get you to stop talking!

What's your advice on this issue?

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