Thursday, June 04, 2009

You Do That Too?

Curiosity is a good thing!

Several weeks ago I invited Louise Mikesell-Wireman to visit my BNI chapter. She works for the Center for Innovative Food Technology in Toledo. I had thought of it as an business incubator that helped people who wanted to create and move a food product to the point where it could be sold to the public.

Well, it is that and MORE!

And so is Louise.

This is what's so interesting. I have been in the same room with Louise many times at a WEN meeting, but we had never ended up close enough to each other to chat. Because of that, I had a one-sided view of the food center.

Along with my limited knowledge of it, I also had a very narrow (a wrong) scope on Louise. She is funny, creative, smart and should be writing a book!
Now, I have no desire to be in the food world, except to eat (and hopefully a little less of it!) so I figured there was no way we would be able to connect or that I might be able to provide help.


Just in passing, near the end of our rollicking conversation (ask Louise about the farmers at the farmers' markets, if you get a chance) she mentioned that one thing that she wants to participate in is something called Epicure Magazine. From what I can tell, it is an upscale media publication that is customized to each region where it is published. Louise needs to raise sponsorship money in order to make this happen. If you want to help, connect with Louise at the center.

Also, as a result of this conversation, I may be able to help another business friend get his food in the door of a company that is a client of Louise's. Just by chance he had asked for an introduction to that company the week before.

While I am big into focused networking, I do like to leave the door open to a little fun and a little serendipity.

What is the most interesting connection you've made this year?


Jacki Hollywood Brown said...

Cool! I used to work in a research facility much like CIFT.
I worked on a lot of seafood projects. I ate bacon wrapped scallops like popcorn - hey, somebody's gotta taste test right?

Louise Kahle said...

Last week Cynthia Ford called me and wants me to be a guest on her (along with husband, Jack) TV show.
The referral came from my sister-in-law, one of the last people I would have ever expected to get one from. I didn't even know she knew, or cared what I did!
You just never know.