Saturday, June 06, 2009

Louise, Chapter 2

A few years ago I heard a new phrase at a conference I attended. Ivan Misner used it in a presentation. It is reticular activation. One meaning is that once you become aware (and see) something, then you see it all the time. For instance, because I love driving my little yellow Mini, I see other Mini's on the road quite frequently, even though we don't have a dealer in the area. Other drivers probably don't notice those little "roller skates" as one friend calls my car.

But I digress.

As you may have read, I recently sat and chatted with Louise Mikesell-Wireman. You can read about it here.

Yesterday, I went to the monthly Social Media Networking Breakfast. Even before attending the event, I had connected with Patrick Giammarco through Linkedin. I wanted to be sure to meet him in person as he was attending, too. As soon as I got there I saw him and I made my way across to room to him. Another man was standing there and Patrick introduced David Pett to me. David is on the job quest and he is also an artist.

But I digress!

In my chat with David Pett, he mentioned that his wife is about ready to launch a line of cookies. Louise was also at the breakfast yesterday. So that's when the old reticular activation kicked in. You can bet that I introduced David to Louise. He had no idea that such help was out there for his wife. Taking her cookies to market will be a lot easier and mistake-free because of serendipity.

I love networking when I am able to help so many people as a result of just keeping my eyes and ears open.

Who have you been able to help recently?

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