Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Yesterday, I gave a very short talk about the new book, Masters of Networking, to the lunch time Women's Entrepreneurial Network group. Because of the book just being published, I had been asked to give a five minute "business education" talk about it.

This book is chock full of short stories and articles by over eighty different authors.

The challenge was where to start and what could I say in five minutes that would even be memorable?

I choose to talk about just one story and I explained why the article had spoken to me.

After the event, as I was walking out, a person who had also been at the lunch complimented me on the talk wishing that she could be so relaxed in the way she presents.

I thought about it later.

All I did was share what was important to me at that moment. It was just like a conversation with one person. It was if that person had asked me, "What do you like about that book?"

For those who want to become better known by speaking before audiences, my recommendation (for all it's worth) is to ask yourself, "what would I say if I was just speaking to one of these people in the audience?"

What tricks do you have up your sleeve when you are thinking about perfecting your presentation?


Angie Weid said...

My trick before presenting is singing like a Rockstar while I am heading to the event. Can I sing? No. Do I care? No. It releases tension, gets me ready to have fun.

Before speaking I always remember, that I was asked to do this; therefore, they want to hear what I have to say. Just be yourself and have fun.

True Blue said...

"What tricks do you have up your sleeve when you are thinking about perfecting your presentation?"

Several years ago (probably about 15) I was selected as the Small Business Person of the Year by the county chamber of commerce which meant that I had to give a 15 minute presentation at the awards dinner/banquet. As we were getting ready to go to the event, by daughter asked if I was nervous, and I admitted to being a bit nervous since I'd never spoken to such a large group before, to which my son responded, "Don't worry Dad, nobody will be listening to you anyway." So, now if I ever get nervous about speaking, I think back to those words of wisdom from my son.

Michelle R. Donovan said...

I've been in front of audiences for many years. My trick is two fold ... 1) video tape myself on occasion (and watch it) as scary as thay might seem and 2)ask someone whom I respect to sit in on a presentation for the purpose of evaluating me. If I pick the right person, they will not be afraid to tell me the truth and I will be open to hearing their feedback!