Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Selling for Others

The other night at the Evening with Masters book event, we honored three local authors and asked each to bring their books to sell and autograph.

When I first asked my friend Karen Shulman, she deferred saying that book signings are not worth her time. She stated that she never has sold many books at such venues.

I convinced her that this event would be different.

(Man, was I scared that I was going to be wrong!)

Well, I wasn't.

Karen sold 30 of her books. The most she's ever sold at a one time event except for maybe the very first book signing when the book first came out.

What made this event different?

The difference was that Karen wasn't selling her own books. She was an honored guest. Instead I sold her books! Yep, that's right, I told those in the audience why they should buy her book; why it is a favorite of mine; and even who they should think of giving it to. (I gave one copy to my friend Lynda Goodremont to give her reason to laugh when she was at chemotherapy.) By the way, Karen's book is "I Never Meant to be Funny." You can order it directly at here. (Or you can buy a signed copy directly from Karen by sending an email to

We can all sell for each other much more easily, than we can for ourselves.

And that's why the whole world of referral-based marketing is so magical.

What have you helped to sell for someone else?


Gregg MacMillan said...

Debby, you're exactly right... it's almost always easier to sell for someone else than yourself. Which is why I've always volunteered for Chamber membership drives, United Fund drives, and fund raisers for non profits. They are a great way to get out and make new contacts and connections which very often turn into new customers. Plus, the organization you are voluteering for is very appreciative and often sends you referrals.

mezamashii said...

This is such a good blog. We just started a business & I find selling for myself SO MUCH HARDER than it was selling for others!