Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Leadership Toledo, Part III

Today our group of Leadership Toledo members learned how to work together so that when we decide on a project at our next meeting, we'll have an idea of how to use our various personalities and work styles to our advantage. Ernie Lewis of E. A. Lewis Consulting led the day.

To keep the long day from becoming boring or exhausting, our day was broken up by fun things to do, too.

The best part of the day was the scavenger hunt of downtown Toledo. All six teams were sent out with a list of 13 items to find and then we were to photograph the team in front of the item. We found 11 of the 13 and also thought that our photo creativity should have given us bonus points.

For example: One hint was to find two turtles and two frogs. As you can see, Collette Cordova, John Borell, Brad Augustyniak, Dan Peffley and Lynn Eicher decided to pose as frogs. (I was behind the camera.)

Another clue was to find two dates (1875 and 1953). The clue didn't say they were on the same building, but I think Brad was the one who remembered that the Trinity Church, where Leadership Toledo is headquartered, had burnt and been rebuilt. So you can see that the group is paying homage to the church by taking a prayerful stance.

Another task was to find the "surprised George," and you can see the statue in the back of us that fronts Georgio's restaurant. And yes we were cold. Two days ago it was 90 degrees here in NW Ohio and today we were chillin'.

When we analyzed our personalities earlier in the day, our team was heavy with producer personalities. Those are the ones who like to just jump in and do something for the sake of getting something done. We failed in the toothpick and miniature marshmallow, tower building exercise because we didn't think out a plan first. But with the scavenger hunt, we either had great blind luck or as I'd like to think, our intelligence pulled us through!

When was the last time you were on a scavenger hunt and was it fun for you?

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