Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How You Can Help

Someone made my day yesterday.

To be specific, Gregg MacMillan, made my day yesterday.

Gregg and I met last weekend in Lansing at a BNI training. He is the owner of TechneGraphics, Inc. and is from the other end of the state of Ohio in Cincy. We chatted only briefly, but promised that we would talk further.

Yesterday, I received an email from Gregg telling me that he had visited my website, read newsletters saved in the archive and also had hit this blog and read through that too.


That is a compliment to someone who spends time on these various items. (Although, as my webmaster would argue, I'm not as attentive to the website as I should be.)

So many times when people ask us how they can help us, the only answer we can dredge up is to give us more business. From now on my favorite answer is going to ask them to visit my blog or the website to specifically read previous newsletters. Then I want their feedback on how I can do better.

Gregg sends out a daily motivational tip to friends and family, a weekly newsletter to clients and prospects called TuesdayTips, has a monthly newsletter called Printips archived at his website and is considering starting a blog. He did practice blogging this summer on a trip out west. You can view that here. Check out the September issue of Printips at his website. He writes about how digital printers work. Pretty interesting.

So if you meet someone new today in your networking activities, visit their website or blog and then get back to them to tell them what you liked. You'll make a friend for life!

What would you change about this blog that would make it better?

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