Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mutally Beneficial

You know what's really refreshing?

It's to meet with someone in a one-to-one appointment where that person works to help me just as much as I'm trying to figure out the same for them.

Doesn't happen often.

When it does, the appointment goes to a whole new level. Ruth White, who sells Reverse Mortgages for Wells Fargo, did that today.

I met Ruth first in a BNI training session. Then several weeks later she was at the same WEN meeting I was attending. At that WEN brainstorming session, she asked us to help her with the challenge of how the less than savory lending practices (which are now causing people to lose their homes,) are creating industry misconceptions about the Reverse Mortgage product.

We decided that it would be good for us to meet.

Ruth showed that she truly is a people helper. She ACTIVELY tried to figure out how to help me and made commitments as to what she is going to do.


When was the last time you were WOW'd in a one-to-one appointment?

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Michelle said...

Recently a person attended a seminar of mine. In our 1to1, she was talking about how much she loved it and how much she took away. I asked her if she would write that in a testimonial letter. SHE DID ... and handed it to me the next time she saw me! WOW!