Saturday, April 28, 2007

Camp CEO, Part III

Last weekend at Camp CEO, (by the way, CEO stands for Career Exploration Opportunity) the 16 women who knew they would be mentoring 16 young women got a big SURPRISE when they arrived on Saturday morning. (Read Part I and Part II)

You see the girls had arrived at Camp Libby on Friday night. They learned the new cup stacking game that is sweeping the nation called Speed Stacks. There was even a recent world championship held.

The SURPRISE the women found out about Saturday morning, was that they were going to be mentored first, by the girls teaching us to play the game. There were some of us who knocked more cups on the floor than others, but we had a good time. The young woman I was paired with for the weekend, Tara Patel, was encouraging and kept telling me how good I was doing, even when I wasn't. THANKS TARA!

Once we learned the game, then we had to relearn as a team, with each of us only using one hand. That takes coordination. I think because of being left handed that Tara and I did have a little advantage. The picture at the left shows CPA, Darlene Robinson with her teammate, Alyssa Baz.

At the timed team competition Sunday morning, we managed to come in 4th. Not bad, but we had hoped for first.

Networking has some similarities to all this. Sometimes it can be a little awkward learning all the proper ins and outs of the "game," but if we have someone helping us, the learning curve is not so steep. Also, if we partner with a friend at an event, introducing people to each other, we may win more in our team effort than if we'd just gone it alone.

Have you tried Speed Stacks yet?

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