Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Why Don't I Just Ask?

I am on the committee to help with an event next week. Some responsibility was to ask for silent auction items. I put off asking this one person because:

  • I would forget;
  • would not have the phone number with me;
  • would think about it while talking with someone else;
  • would.....
  • You get the idea. I was procrastinating.


Finally at the last hour, I called yesterday and the person on the other end of the line, Laine Gabalac, answered yes so enthusiastically, that I felt like I had done her the biggest favor. Laine is the manager of Let's Dish, a dinner prep business, where busy people, who still want to cook, but really don't have the time, can assemble entrees that are absolutely delicious. I just want to say, "Thanks, Laine. You made my day." I sure am hoping that the bidding goes really high on this item, but then again, I sure would like to get the winning bid.

When has someone made you feel like your request to them was the best thing you had ever done for him/her?

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