Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Reaching Into the Community

Toledo Area Community Credit Union is a friend! Pat DeCesare, the Business Development Manager, offered their big community meeting room to Certified Networker for our Previews that we have about six times per year. There is a real savings in $$$, but also the setting is much nicer than the hotel we originally had used. Also, TACCU allows us to bring in our own cookies and drinks, rather than paying an astronomical amount for just one cookie!

Recently this credit union opened a new branch in Perrysburg, a suburb of Toledo, Ohio. Again showing how they want to serve their community they connected with the Perrysburg High School Band at their grand opening. The credit union did the normal act of having the band play, but then they got creative. They rented sumo wrestler suits, and recruited the band leader to don one of the suits. Then for a nominal fee, the students could get the chance to see it they could knock the director off his feet. Pat said parents were paying much more than the requested fee, because the money was going right back as a donation to the band. What a great entrance! What a great way to get the community's attention. The same of amount of money could have been spent on ads, or other traditional marketing. And certainly some was, but TACCU showed how they are unique. They stand out from the crowd.

What unique marketing have you seen from others in your business community?

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Pat DeCesare said...

Debbie, What a lovely article you wrote about the open house TACCU held at our new Perrysburg branch. You were a real sweetheart for taking the time out of your busy day to stop by and celebrate with us. Thanks so much!
Pat DeCesare