Monday, November 06, 2006

Madness Curve

Yesterday, I walked into a meeting a little late, having been delayed at the previous meeting. Within about 30 seconds I wanted to turn around and leave the meeting. The president was trying to deliver a message. She was interrrupted.

One member, who tends to be a trouble-maker, decided that she had the floor. There was lots of "you said this; someone said that; I didn't get treated right; my problems are bigger than yours; etc."

It is a good thing that I was not the person leading the meeting because I would have told that person to shut-up or leave. Not too politically correct.

It all made me mad....mad that women do that snippy thing. Men don't do it. Yeesh!

Talk about going backwards on the relationship module. There was not a speck of relationship building happening.


Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

I must know different men than you do. In my previous career, I dealt mostly with men on a professional level. Believe me, they not only can be just as snippy, but they can do it with much more arrogance.

Tana M. Schiewer, Angel Entertainer said...

I think men do it differently than women. Women come across "snippy" while men come across as condescending (particularly toward women). Actually, I agree with Sandy - the correct word is probably arrogance.

Both attitudes result from the basic human attitude that says "the world revolves around me." MY issues, MY problems, MY way of doing things. If we all tried to step back and look at things from each other's perspectives, I think there would be a lot fewer instances of women being snippy and men being arrogant.