Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What Do You Get When You Cross a Letter with Email?

Followup is so important to the networking process.

If you meet a new contact and never communicate with that person again, the networking you are doing is a waste of time. It it so wonderful to receive a note from someone I've just met, and I know the benefit of sending thank you notes and follow- up missives. My challenge up to this point has been finding the time to write those important notes, find the stamps and remember to take the letters to the post office.

Now I am using Sendoutcards.com. It is so great! It automates as much as possible this task without taking the me part out of it. This web-based service allows me to choose a card from over a 1000 designs. I can type a message to be printed inside the card. Because I can choose font color and design, my blue ink message looks very much like I actually wrote it myself (and will even more after I get my own custom font back.) After entering in the contact information of the person I am sending it to, I hit the send button and Sendoutcards.com takes over. The next morning my printed card is sent out via the US Mail, with a real stamp on the envelope. It's so easy that it is almost sinful! A card including postage can be sent for $1.01. Now that's the best and most economical use of marketing dollars available!

Ivan Misner, Chairman of BNI, realized the value of this service and has named Sendoutcards.com a strategic partner of BNI. That's quite an accolade as Misner doesn't partner with just anyone.

Just so you know, Julie Higby (organized@buckeye-express.com) is my representative for Sendoutcards.com. She has put up with all my questions and late evening phone calls when I can't figure something out. I am not so talented in this technology stuff, so probably I have more challenges than others!

Who do you need to send a note to and what do you need to say?

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