Thursday, August 03, 2006

Allowing People to Buy

Well, I had an entirely different idea to write about today, but it won't go bad, so I'll hold it for another day. Why? Scott Ginsberg did me a favor. He's that guy that wears the nametag 24/7; the 26 year old who just published his third book.

Now I ask you, What 26 year do you know who has accomplished this much??????

But on to the reason for this post. Scott's blog article today is entitled Don't Sell, Enable People to Buy. It is a chapter from his new book. If you visit Scott's blog, each day he is allowing people to read a few chapters from this book, How to Be That Guy. Scott's philosophy is so in line with the philosophy of the Certified Networker training course, that in Toledo we have made his second book, The Power of Approachability, one of three textbooks for the class series.

We begin our class series by telling our students that if they have come for sales training they can leave, because that's not what they are going to receive. There are a few puzzled looks but we enlighten them with the idea of taking the themselves out of the middle of the sale and letting others sell for them. Doing so means that by the time the prospect gets to the sales person, the prospect is ready to buy, because a third party has done all the advance work. Because the third party has nothing to gain, it is easier for them to sell someone else's products or services. Being willing to give up control means that you enable people to buy!

When was the last time you let someone else, who didn't work directly for you, sell your product or service?

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