Tuesday, August 15, 2006

One to One?

Just the other day in a networking meeting, a novice to the whole networking scene asked, "What is a one on one and what do you do when you have one?"

Great question. A one on one is when you make time to meet with another person.

When you plan to meet with that someone else, the idea should be to find out how you can help that person.

Some people are really, really good at this. Some people are really, really bad. Those people think it is an opportunity to sell and boy do they go about it full force ahead.

In the Northwest Ohio area, there are now over 300 people who have completed the Certiifed Newworker course. While it may not be 100%, most will ask, "How can I help you?" as the first or second question. I am proud of them. They are changing the voice of the business world. They are more about serving others rather than selfishing serving themselves.

What experience have you had when you've met one to one with another business person?


Barbara Mullholand said...

You have to be careful for what you ask for, because you just might get it. And in this CN Community its very likely that you will get what you ask for. "Mr. Davis College" Nick Nigro had responded to my request to be introduced to nurses at any local nursing schools to do educational presentations on vitamins and our nutritional health. Nick had made a contact for me and was following up with me at the monthly CN luncheon. Thanks Nick for your support.
Barbara Mullholand
USANA Health Sciences
Nutritional You Can Trust

Barbara Mullholand said...
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Nick at Davis said...

Having the "givers gain" attitude makes a HUGE impact in most situations. Thinking of others first certainly encourages others to so the same. So much good comes from these kinds of gestures. I wasn't sure that i could help Barbara; however, taking the risk to contact my firend at a local nusring school became a potential conduit for Barabara to meet the psrson she needs to meet there. I must say that it was very important for Barbara and I to follow up so that we can make sure I had helped her in a way that was helpful for her to be successful in her business. Time will tell! Anyway, you are welcome, Barbara.

Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

The biggest problem I have is often when I'm doing a one-on-one with someone (usually a non-CN person), I'm always asking about their life, but they seldom ask about mine. I'm just not comfortable saying, "Ok, time to switch gears and talk about me now." How do others handle this situation?

Sue Greene said...

It is easy to feel nervous on the initial greeting, but I have learned that people are there to help you, and it is ok to be yourself. This allows you to help them just as well.