Friday, August 11, 2006

Serendipity Networking

A couple weeks ago I participated in the Dragon Boats races on the Maumee River in downtown Toledo. It was a day of fun, being outside, talking with the other 19 crew members, and being competitive.

Our boat lost in our championship flight after our steersman fell into the river having lost his balance. Good thing we had practiced that emergency "thing" in our Thursday night practice.

A good steersman is hard to find. Last year the organizers supplied that position for many crews, but the race is getting more and more popular so that there were double the teams this year from last. We were told that we needed to find our own steersman.

Inexperience means for interesting happenings, hence the drenching of ours.

Fast forward. Last night I served on a one time advisory board for a local business and there were several others doing the same. Guess what? I found a steersman! This guy sounds experienced. He participated last year, but didn't this year because his team did not race. But he loves the races and wants to be involved next year. Who would think that being willing to volunteer a couple hours could end being so valuable? Serendipity.

When have you done something that turned out even better than you ever imagined?

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