Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wait, What Does He Want?

A friend emailed me and asked me to meet with a young friend of hers who in his first sales job is selling knives.  She mentioned that he just needs to know how to get out with and meet with people he doesn't know.  I think that is networking, but then later in the email she mentioned that he doesn't need to sell anything to get paid, just needs to do a demonstration.

Right away it didn't feel right.  You see, she is asking for one thing, but then switching to another right at the end. 

One scenario is that he wants to learn to network.

Second scenario is that he wants to demonstrate his product.

One is all about relationship development and the other is pure sales.  Nothing is wrong with either.  It just is a mixed message about what is REALLY going to happen.

You and I probably can sense what is going to happen. As soon as I sit down with this young fellow, the knives are going to come out.  He is not interested in me, but only in making the presentation to get paid.  So in my book that is not a networking appointment.

I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet.  Have the appointment and stop him from demonstrating and explain the networking process?

Or just let it go? 

Sometimes I just have to let things pass. 

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